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Video games have come a long way. Video game players are not only playing video games that have bad graphics and quality sound, but they also get to exercise, play music, and shop. Shopping can be done with the use of free Eshop codes if you are an owner of a Nintendo Console. Eshop Gift Cards, known initially as Wii points, is a type of virtual currency that Nintendo uses for its DSi and Wii gaming systems. Nintendo points are used in the Wii Shop Channel and Nintendo DSi Shop, and gamers can buy Eshop Gift Cards in retail stores or by buying codes through online credit card transactions.

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How To Get Free 3ds Eshop Codes That Work

Free Eshop Codes without survey can be redeemed through the Nintendo Shop Channel. With Nintendo Cards, there is a code revealed at the back of the card when it is scratched. This code is entered in the Wii Shop Channel, and the gift card is added to the user’s account.

Eshop Codes found in retail stores are sold in scratch cards that have codes which have 10$, 20$, 35$ and 50$ denominations. The codes on these scratch cards are specific to gaming systems in that region and cannot be used elsewhere.

 Not all video game players are lucky enough to be able to afford Eshop Gift Cards, so they look for free Eshop codes online. After all, not every video game player has a credit card, and a large percentage of video game players are children and teenagers.

Ways To Get Free Unused Nintendo Eshop Codes

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Game console giant Nintendo is doing away with its points system and converting to a real-currency based system used by Nintendo 3DS. Players can still get free Eshop codes and use them to buy games for the Wii before the switch happens.


Retail Eshop Cards are sold as scratch cards with hidden codes in them. Pricing can vary depending on the retailer, who can choose to offer discounts or charge a premium. Fixed price Wii Points Cards can be purchased through the Wii Shop Channel.


The price on slightly higher or lower depends on the seller. Prices in other countries also vary. Free Nintendo codes are the codes you find on the back of the Nintendo Gift card.


Free Eshop codes are scattered all over the web, but you will need to do a little sifting to separate the wheat from the chaff. Let’s take a look at some ways to get free eshop Codes.


Method 1:  From Nintendo


One of the easiest ways you can get free Nintendo codes is by registering your Nintendo Wii and creating a Club Nintendo account.


Visit the websites of sponsors that Giveaway free Eshop codes for Nintendo 3ds. Usually, these websites require you to register and create an account. It is best for you to set up an email account separate from your primary email address so you will not give your primary email address when you register to get your free Wii points codes.


Finish and complete the offers on the websites of the sponsors so you can get your free codes. You may be asked to answer surveys and avail of trial offers and subscriptions.


Check your email periodically and see if you get free Nintendo codes. Some sponsors email these to their subscribers and registered users.


Method 2: Earn Free Esho Codes on Prize Rebel


Free Eshop Gift Cards codes are available on Prize Rebel and Rewards1; two websites focused on giving away free stuff in exchange for doing surveys and signing up for specific websites. First, create an account with a valid email address. We suggest creating a new email to avoid getting your inbox spammed.


If you want to use your working email, that’s fine too. Get Free eshop Codes from Prize RebelWhen you have your email, go to the Prize Rebel site and click Sign Up. Fill out the form with your information (the website may ask for a zip code or street address) and submit. Check your inbox for the confirmation email. It’s usually instant; if the email is not in your inbox, check your Spam or Junk folders. Click the verification link in the email to finish.


Once your account is confirmed, you can start earning points. Go back to the Prize Rebel website. Look for “Earn Points” in the main menu at the top of the page and click on it. You’ll see a lot of offers to choose from: credit card and cell phone offers and free and paid offers in the US and other countries. Make sure to select Free Offers if you don’t want to pay for anything.


All offers have a point value. Higher points usually mean giving out more information, like your credit card information. Complete the offer by answering surveys or signing up for a website. It’s essential that you provide complete details to get your points.


Most offers on Prize Rebel credit instantly, but some take up to one day. Use this time to complete other offers and rack up points. Earn enough points to get your free Eshop codes worth 10$. When you have enough points, click on “Prizes” on the menu bar to look for the Wii Points Card. Click the “Claim This Prize” button. Enter your shipping address and submit. Your free 10$ codes will be mailed to you.